The Dirt on Jersey City

Multimedia Stories Covering Jersey City, produced in conjunction with St. Peter's University's student newspaper, The Pauw Wow

Grove Street Just May Be Jersey City’s Newest Hot Spot


by Dylan Smith and Helene McGavin, Class of 2014

When one hears of Grove Street, they may think of an area designed and created as a family-friend zone for parents to go out with their children, but Grove may have more to offer the young adult seeking a fun night out.

From quirky and unique places to shop to an assortment of eateries and places to eat that justify the suggestion that Jersey City may be one of the most diverse place in the country. We’ll take you out on a fun night out on Grove where you’ll shop, grab something to eat and find cute stores and shop that will stay as part of your regularly visited stops for years to come. Ready? Let’s go:

A. First, we have a place to shop. Another Man’s Treasure is a staple in vintage shopping in Jersey City. Click here for details on this thrift store must.

B. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, CupCake Salon is a new business on Grove that might just have what will satisfy that sweet tooth. Click here for details.

C. Stella’s Pizza is a different take on the pizza, being a Greek-twist on Italian classics. Good for family fun, but also drunken grub-runs when Hoboken is just too crowded. Click here for details.

D. Beechwood Cafe’s a BYOB eatery & shop that’s split in two to allow for a grab or sit-down. Click here for details.

Now, if none of these places are to you’re liking, there’s also list of different places that are also affordable and on Grove, which you can find here, but these are our top choices that we found had the best service, the nicest staff, and simply the best vibes to them.

A ranking is provided based on people spoken to, our interactions with the staff, the overall quality of the place, and just how easy it is to access the store or find it when walking down Grove Street any random night looking for fun.

All contact information will also be provided, including menu’s, times of operation, telephone numbers and more.

LET US KNOW: If you think we forgot one of your favorites or need to check out a place, leave a comment below and let us know what is popping at the moment on Grove Street that we might have missed.

Also let us know if you’ve been to one of these places and tell us you’re experience at any of them.

Here are our favorites, once again:



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The Dirt on Jersey City

Multimedia Stories Covering Jersey City, produced in conjunction with St. Peter's University's student newspaper, The Pauw Wow


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